Ragley QR Logo Seat Clamp


The new Ragley seat clamp has been re-designed. It has subtle graphics that will suit any frame, comes in 31.8 or 34.9 sizes and features a finger friendly ergonomic lever that tucks nicely out of the way. The lever length, brass bush and diagonal slot will ensure a good clamping force, smooth operation and evenly distributed loads to prevent seatpost damage or dropper malfunction. We also supply the clamp with a spare brass bush because it is a moving part that will eventually wear out over time. Keep it on your key ring or you will lose it.

Ragley QR Logo Seat Clamp Features:
Subtle Ragley Graphics
Ergonomic lever
Diagonal slot to distribute loading and prevent pressure points.
Extras: Come with a replacement brass bush


  • 6061 Series Alloy
  • Sizes: 31.8mm or 34.9mm
  • Black Anodised Finish
  • Weight: 42g